Downloadable copies of literature and manuals are now available here

Below is a listing of Garland literature, and manuals for the McDonalds clamshell grill available for download. Click on any of the links below to view the file. Available in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe acrobat reader, you can download it at

Please check back with us, as more literature will be available for download.

Forms & Information Sheets HOTG_Hot off the GRill - Fresh Beef
Instruction Sheets Manuals - Installation/Operations - MCOE5
Manuals - Installation/Operations(1&2Platen/PRC), All Models Manuals - Installation/Operations(1&2Platen1/PRC), All -1 Models
Manuals - Installation/Operations(3Platen/PRC), All Models Manuals - Installation/Operations(3Platen1/PRC), All -1 Models
Manuals, Operations (2 Platen Stnd), 9501 series McDonald's next Generation ME and MG Grill Installation Operation Manual
McDonald's next Generation ME and MG Grill Part List Manual McDonald's next Generation ME and MG Grill Start-Up Form
McDonald's Next Generation Preventive Maintenance Form 4603181 McDonald's Next Generation Troubleshooting Hints
PM / MRC Cards Recovery Programming
Service Bulletins 2015 Service Bulletins 2016
Service Bulletins 2017 Service Bulletins 2018
Service Bulletins 2019 Service Bulletins Index
Video Tutorial & Training Specification Sheets

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